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Detox to Retox

Detox detox detox.  How many times do you hear the word detox or cleanse, re read the words, consider engaging in them, then shy away out of doubt, fear, laziness, skepticism?   Stray no more.  I.AM.YOU. DETOX to RETOX is here for YOU.  

I.AM.YOU. trademarked DETOX to RETOX programs are unlike any others in the industry.  They combine Traditional Chinese and Indian medicine with modern day dietary theories.  The result is a tailored combination sure to cleanse the inside of you, without leaving you weak, sick, or unable to work or function. 

  • 85% of participants lose weight and keep it off. 
  • 69% are more productive.  
  • 77% have increased energy. 
  • 100% are inspired to improve themselves.

I.AM.YOU. DETOX to RETOX programs leave you instead clean, strong, vibrant, and better than ever.   And the best part is, there is no fasting, starving, or suffering involved.  Just real, good food, I.AM.YOU. custom teas, and YOU.

The programs can be done no matter where you are, and no matter your work or life schedule, and no matter where you are in the world.  No one around you will notice you are even doing it – they will just feel and see the re-newed you.

Detoxing and regular cleansing are a tradition across all cultures from all corners of the globe, but they need to be done right.  Right for your body, right for your lifestyle, right for your world. 

Order yours directly on http://detoxtoretoxtea.com/ 

Photo: Jan Cain

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