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NUTRITIONAL COACHING:  I.AM.YOU. works with you 1-on-1 to reach all your nutritional, diet, and wellness goals.  From weight loss to specific health problems to simply figuring out how to eat for the you of today. 

The Program:  Weekly check-ins by email.  2 additional meetings a month, in person or via the phone.  2 month minimum.  nourish@iamyoustudio.com

CAREER COACHING: Lauren Imparato made one of the largest, most unimaginable career leaps possible, in a time when the economy was melting.  And she succeeded.  Work 1-on-1 with Lauren to discover your true calling, and to acquire it, or to find out how to make your job, your boss, and everything that comes with it work for all of you.

The Program: Individual sessions or Series available, one-offs or a package of 3 or 5. lauren@iamyoustudio.com

CORPORATE NUTRITIONAL COACHING: From her 12-15 hour trading floor days, I.AM.YOU. founder Lauren Imparato knows eating healthily at the office can be challenging.  But she also knows it is so doable and simple with the proper guidance. 

In the Corporate Nutritional Coaching programs, Lauren works personally with your team and workplace to ensure that every team member is optimizing all of their day and their energy.  I.AM.YOU. takes into account your firm culture, hours, office location, potential stress factors, and daily patterns to create meal suggestions that are doable, sustainable and efficient for everyone.

The Program:  Weekly or Monthly Menu Plans consisting of specific meals from restaurants that deliver or are within a 5 minute walk of the office.  Or if a corporate chef is on hand, collaboration with the chef to create the Menu Plan.  1 additional Check-In a Month with the office coordinator,  in person or via phone.  2 Month minimum.  corporate@iamyoustudio.com

NOURISHMENT & STRESS MANAGEMENT SEMINARS: Learn how to nourish you, inside and out, and be healthy at the work and at home, despite all the demands of today’s modern world.    Seminar topics range from healthy eating, to avoiding back and neck pain, to managing stress, and more, all tailored specifically to the audience and the desired team goals.

The Seminars:  At your office live or via video streaming.  One off or on a monthly basis.  Start at $500 a session. corporate@iamyoustudio.com

CORPORATE YOGA:  Lauren Imparato knows how tough office life in today’s modern world can be on your body; she lived it.  She thus tailors I.AM.YOU Corporate Yoga classes specifically to that office body, often over stressed, travelled, and worked, and in need of a solid sweat and skelo-muscular tune up as much, if not more, as in need of relaxation.

The Classes: Famed I.AM.YOU. classes can be weekly or monthly.  Start at $350/class. corporate@iamyoustudio.com

MUSIC CONSULTING: I.AM.YOU. ResidentMixologist is known globally for his unparalleled capability mix music for every precise moment in time, thus uplifting every experience and enhancing every moment.  From I.AM.YOU. yoga classes to private events to bars and restaurants globally, he gets it right, every time.

Tailored MusicMix making for your event, restaurant, bar, hotel or private setting.  Prices upon Request. 

YOGA PRIVATES & CLASSES: Please see yoga page.  Single classes $25/session.  Privates upon request.


Photo: Jan Cain

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